Service Choice

Pre-sell Consultation

Free consultation and discussion on video and marketing requirementsProduction and marketing schedule
Marketing plan 
Video content draft
Production plan
Detailed quotation

Creative Procedure

Information researchStoryboard and animatic production
Analysis on communication and marketing strategyDirector shot list
Creative concepts and script structure
Audio-visual script
Voice-over script and translation


Site visit/Location recee

Standard equipment check

Pre-production meeting

Special equipment research and rental

Production details, revision and client approval

Insurance contracts for crew, equipment and location

Local and overseas production team liaison

Contracts for actors royalty and design copyright

Location set-up and preparation

Special Effects testing rehearsal
Models, actors and anchor castingLocal and overseas transportation
Hairstyles, makeup, costumes and styling dress rehearsalLocal, Mainland and overseas production coordination
Model, actor and anchor rehearsalLiaison with Government departments and arrangement for security issues and weather contingency
Products, props and setting design and production


Producer and director on-site managementSpecial Effects shooting


Catering and client service

Camera Crew special equipment set-up

Transportation, loading and parking arrangement
Lighting crew – electricity arrangement and pre-lightLocation or Setting re-arrangement
Sync-sound recording & arrangementArrangement for water & electricity supply, washroom & temperature setting at shooting location/studio
Hairstyling, makeup and wardrobeWrap-up for location/studio, production materials, equipment and crew
Time lapse and Slow-motion shooting


Post-production meeting

Color grading and layer composition

Post-production details presentation, revision and client approval

Voice-over talents audition and selection

Take selection and Rough Cut

Voice-over recording and sound effects production

2D animation, 3D animation and CG animation

Jingle and background music production

Logo animation, graphs and graphics production

Audio equalizing, fine tuning and final mixing

Computer visual effects design and production

Adaptation and re-editing


Audio-visual finishing

Final online effects

Final Output

All kinds of digital video file format conversion
Resolution conversion
Audio track format conversion
Output materials and duplication
Box-set, cover and menu production
USB storage

Media Placement

Media planning – research, study and analysis

Online broadcasting technology transfer and guidance

Media strategy, media platforms, budget and schedule presentation

Placement in Free online media / Self-owned media

Video format conversion

Placement in Paid Media

Media placement implementation, monitioring, revision & report meeting