Client is King



We listen

Client is King



We Listen

Corporate Edge

Marketing Effectiveness

As a communication tool, marketing video combines motion images, narrative, music, color, animation, sound effects, and actors/actresses to effectively convey the message. Combined with well-crafted scripts and high efficiency broadcasting channels, the effectiveness of promotional video is unparalleled among marketing tools.

Quality Assurance

With our own state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure our video productions are of highest quality. Our experienced professionals have been focusing on video production and marketing services over the years. The quality of our service and production is evident in itself. Unlike new production companies, we emphasize content and invest in expertise, equipment, reputation, and experience.

Online Promotion

Online promotional videos are far more effective and spot on in reaching its target audience. Its effectiveness far surpasses that of conventional media or pay television. Our professional team will not engage in hard-selling of unnecessary or overpriced proposals to clients. Nor will we use copyright as excuse to bind video broadcast to costly channels.

Experts Only

From management to creation, production to promotion, our team comprised of video production professionals who have built their expertise through experience and rigorous training. Working in meticulous coordination, each of our experts exercises their own expertise for outstanding outcome. Contrary to the deliveries by amateurish freelancers or unproven newcomers, our portfolio is self-evident in both quality and quantity.

Global & Local

Through years of collaboration, we have established long-term relationship with our clients. We have shot on locations in Greater China and overseas. Our network of production support and collaborators are across geographical regions. Unestablished companies are no match for our competitive advantages in our reach and stability.

Legitimate Fees

All scope of services, fees and service details are formulated only after discussion and confirmation with our clients. Upon contract signing, our team would not engage in frivolous haggling or poor attitude. Nor would we use contract subtext as excuse to demand additional fees.

From Production to Broadcast

We provide no-nonsense integrated services. We do not rely on overstatement. From video promotion to production, online streaming, or network broadcast, we provide customized service scope to meet our client͐͑͐’s unique requirements. The choice of annual and monthly subscriptions further provides flexibility. Clients can utilize our service as if owning an in-house video production department.

Client First

We are committed to our client’s success, and that is why our clients come back for our service repeatedly. Inexperienced producers, often plagued by arrogance or self-centered attitudes, commonly lack awareness of client services. Insightful clients would know whom to rely on for quality service.

Trust & Accountability

Our team looks to the long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Trust underlies our values and principles. Trust, however, cannot be taken for granted. Only those with capacity, insight, and reputation could be trustworthy in the industry.

Value for Money

Our strategy is built on long-term collaboration with our clients. Our business model relies on volume sales instead of premium pricing for profit. WIth our in-house production team and self-owned equipment, we guarantee stable production fees for quality production. Inexperienced producers might charge for lower fees, but fail to deliver on budget and schedule. The loss and consequence are often shifted to the contracted clients.

Rigorous Management

Our company is managed by professional managers. In parallel, the creatives, production team, and promotional staffs are administered by strict policy. Any frontline staffs violation of our pledge of commitment will not be tolerated. In case of exceptional demands, we will engage relevant experts to meet the challenge. We are always transparent about the project throughout the process.

Customized Budget

The video marketing fees are structured to meet client expectation. We welcome client inquiries or discussion on the production fees. We will not mistreat our clients with gimmicks or uppity.