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Professional Training Video Editing and Producing Service

VideoKing is a professional video production house that provides top quality video producing services including Video Editing, Video Shooting, Training Videos, Corporate Videos, TVC (TV Commercials) or Promotion Videos. We can meet your requirements no matter what kind of videos you want to produce. There is no need to edit the videos by yourself or spend extra money for other video editing services. We got you covered.

High-end Video Producing Equipments

VideoKing ensures top quality videos are tailor-made for customers by using high-end equipments and video producing professionals that are specialized in making training videos and corporate videos. On the other hand, some companies only emphasize on branding but not the quality of service they are providing.



What types of videos can VideoKing make?

VideoKing can produce any type of videos for you, such as:

TV Commercial/Corporate Videos

Short Film

Training Videos

Promotion Video


How much is the video producing services?

The video marketing fees are structured to meet client expectation. We welcome client inquiries or discussion on the production fees. We will not mistreat our clients with gimmicks or uppity.


What is the process of the video production service?

  1. Pre-sell Consultation
    Client will have free consultation and discussion about videoo structure and plans.

  2. Detailed Quotation
    We will conduct a detailed quotation according to clients’ demands.

  3. Pre-produciotn, Video Shooting, Post-production
    From Venue, Actors, Props, etc. to video shooting, to sound and video effects, we all got you covered. We will also try our best to satisfy clients’ needs in the process.

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